Why We Hate Wix


8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Build Your Site On Wix

Reason 1: Wix Websites Are Terrible For SEO

Having a Wix website = not getting found on Google = losing out on revenue opportunities.

Reason 2: Wix Websites Are Slow As Hell

Having a Wix website = slow loading pages = your prospects are going to navigate away.

Reason 3: Wix Websites Aren’t Responsive

The web page looks fine until you resize the window (similar to using a mobile device):
Having a Wix website = unresponsive web pages = a website that looks weird on certain devices.

Reason 4: Wix’s Interface Isn’t Very User Friendly

Building a Wix website = a crappy interface = you’re gonna have a bad time.

Reason 5: Wix Owns Your Website, Not You

Image credit wix.com

It basically says that your subscription pays Wix for a license to use the site, which can be result.

You don’t own your site; you’re renting it.

If Wix goes under, or decides to up and do something else, or removes any of the templates or features, you’re basically stuck and have little recourse.

Of course, it may be unlikely that Wix will go bust altogether, given they are such a giant in the DIY website space, but it’s still a massive concern for business owners in today’s environment, where your website is essentially your shop front and first point of contact for potential customers.

Having a Wix website = not actually owning your websites = no recourse if Wix says see ya later.

Reason 6: Wix Websites Aren’t Unique

Having a Wix website = not having a unique site = you’re less likely to be taken seriously.

Reason 7: Wix Websites Aren’t Very Secure

Having a Wix website = issues with security = your data could get stolen.

Reason 8: Wix Websites Make It Tough To Migrate Your Data

Having a Wix website = no migration = starting from scratch when you want to move platforms

Why Do People Get Wix Websites, Then?

So, What To Do?