Website Development for Live To Give Oz

This project was a design and build from scratch for Live to Give Oz. A colourful, wavy backdrop showcases the hands and heart logo, an iconic piece of branding prominently displayed at the top of the page, with a “see more” type button that smoothly scrolls down the page when clicked.

Further down the page, you can see the pleasant colour scheme in action with bold fonts highlighting the key points of Live to Give Oz’s mission. A postcard-style photo of one of the team members is also displayed, with a hover state that gives it a tilt, adding to the quirkiness of the page’s design.

Our custom Instagram widget is also featured, along with a news section offering users articles about the Live to Give Oz team, and allowing them to donate if desired.

The website -- while small in scope -- still showcases many of the key design and development features offered by Phiranno Designs, and shows that we take our smaller clients’ projects just as seriously as we do our bigger fish.

Colour Pallete

  • #774C9C

  • #DD3190

  • #F28140


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The team at Phiranno Designs have been truly amazing in helping set up our website. They have been helpful , informative and have made the whole process much easier than anticipated. Their commitment and attitude to the community and supporting community based projects is great to see in our changing society.
Thanks again Phiranno Designs and I’ve finally learnt how to say “Phi-ran-no” Live to Give Oz 💕.” Bryan Dorfling

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