Website Development for Omincare

Omnicare came to us for a website re-design. Their old site had over 100 pages, and was extremely difficult to navigate, with poor accessibility. This was far from ideal, especially considering their target demographic. We kept this in mind while completing our re-design of the site, ensuring that simplicity, user-friendliness, and accessibility were at the forefront of our development process.

As is now standard in our web development projects, we’ve implemented a full-featured blog, drawing its content from the Sanity Studio CMS, offering easy editing capabilities to the client’s in-house editing team. A "CEO Note" blog page is also featured.

On top of having the blog posts sourced from Sanity, we went even deeper, adding the ability to create and edit many of the actual pages and components on the site from within Sanity. This means that the client is able to easily edit the vast majority of content on their website -- and even add new pages -- all through a very simple interface.

Naturally, the site is also mobile responsive, with a slide-out menu as opposed to the standard navigation bar displayed on larger screens, and looks beautiful on any device.

Colour Pallete

  • #E61E71

  • #F7F7F7

  • #000000


Applications used

Gatsby (web framework)

Tailwind (CSS framework)

Sanity (CMS)

Google Maps integration (custom map)

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Graphic Design

Our first communication with Iggy, the previous CEO of Omnicare, was to rebuild their old website, which we were able to do. We added new features to the website such as grey “blobs” and rounded boxes for images...

We have developed a great partnership over the past 2.5 years with PHIRANNO DESIGNS and their dedication to our website, social marketing and all aspects of our business is continually of the highest professionalism. Most importantly they listen! I so much appreciate PHIRANNO DESIGNS attention to detail and their creativity. Working with P, Colby, Luke and the team of PHIRANNODESIGNS was (and continues to be) an outstanding experience. I look forward to more years to come!” Jacqueline Cudmore - Owner Chop ‘n Chill

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