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Website Development for R&M Aviation

We redesigned and rebuilt a new website for R&M Aviations

The website for R&M Aviation @rmaviationaus is based on a clean, modern design, with the occasional polygonal element thrown in, angled to suggest a plane’s wing -- fitting for R&M Aviation as a company. Large, high-res hero images combine with short blocks of text in bold company colours to create a simple browsing experience that provides the maximum amount of information in the minimum number of actual words, avoiding the dreaded wall of text which can frequently be seen on other websites.

An attractive and easy-to-use navigation bar is provided, with automated alterations to its own appearance based on the user’s page scroll position, including collapsing to a hamburger button mobile menu so that phone and tablet users can also easily navigate the site. SVG images are also used wherever possible, to maintain scalability and keep the site’s required resources to a minimum, which combines well with the React framework we use to greatly increase the speed of the website and decrease loading times between site pages.

The entire site is also completely mobile responsive, including the beautiful team member cards which can be seen on the Our Team page. These cards are laid out in a grid fashion based on the company’s employee hierarchy, collapsing to a single card per row on phones, to ensure a pleasant browsing experience for both desktop and mobile users.

Check it out here:

What was created


Applications used

• React

• Tailwind

• Gatsby

• GraphQL


1 month

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