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Check Out What We Did For Port City Bowling Club

Port City Bowling Club wanted a complete redesign of their old website to improve their online presence and offer would-be members a more attractive inside look into the experiences they offer and how they operate.

We delivered with a bold design, including a large carousel hero section, our custom Instagram widget, modal dialogs, and textural backgrounds on many of the components to give them some added pizzazz. We also ensured that their brand colours were featured prominently throughout.

All of the design elements were carefully considered to highlight what Port City has to offer as a company and facility, and combine to create an inviting user experience, with clean but eye-catching design practises highlighted in a unique way on every page.

A large amount of the information displayed on the site is fully editable by the client from within Sanity Studio — as has become a common theme with our more recent sites. This puts a considerable amount of editing power into the hands of the client, without them having to delve into the complexities and minutiae of actual website coding.

Check it out right here.

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