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Who doesn’t love Koalas? They are cute and fluffy and iconically Australian (just don’t try to cuddle them). Sadly their numbers are declining, so it’s important that organisations like Koalas In Care (KIC) exist to look after them and help ensure they don’t become extinct.

KIC is based in the Manning area and is run by a small group of volunteers, entirely funded by donations. Having a website that accepts donations, and spreads awareness is crucial to the continued success of the organisation. When we designed the new website for them, we made sure to add a prominent donate button to both the header and footer.

We also really wanted to showcase the koalas that KIC cares for, so there are lots of great images throughout the site, most of them are also captioned so you can learn the names of all the koalas and their stories.

There’s lots of great information about koalas, their threats, environment as well as information about signing up as a member to provide ongoing donations so that KIC can continue to do the important work that they do.

Checkout Koalas In Care’s new website today:

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