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Sun, Surf, Sanity and The Harrington Hotel

The website for Harrington Hotel is based on what is undoubtedly one of our favourite designs thus far. It offers an ultra-clean and modern hero section, with a beautiful handwritten script font and an art-directed hero section where we show 1 of 2 different images (one for mobile and one for desktop) which blend seamlessly as you adjust your screen size.

Several different types of information cards are featured, displaying images next to blocks of text with additional information, with a geometrically pleasing layout, sharp lines, and colours that contrast beautifully against the alternating background layers.

A multi-tab menu is offered, with accessibility in mind, and every page features a footer section including a lazy-loaded map, Instagram feed, and contact information.

As has become increasingly frequent in our projects, we’ve implemented a full-featured blog, drawing its content from the Sanity Studio CMS, offering easy editing capabilities to the client’s in-house editing team. A featured blog post as well as a mini Instagram feed are also displayed to the side of the page.

Naturally, the site is also mobile responsive, with a slide-out menu as opposed to the standard navigation bar displayed on desktop screens, and looks great on any device.

What was created

  • Website
  • Menu

Applications used

  • Gatsby (web framework)
  • Tailwind (CSS framework)
  • Sanity (CMS)
  • Framer Motion (animation library)
  • Mailchimp integration (custom forms)
  • Google Maps integration (custom map)
  • Instagram integration (display Instagram feed directly in page)

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