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Website Development for Chop N Chill

Chop ‘n Chill is a Port Macquarie based restaurant that serves a unique fusion of South-East Asian and American cuisine.

The restaurant itself has strong branding with a dark-navy accent colour, and organic almost hand-drawn typography. We were given the opportunity to redesign their old website to better match the branding as well as improving the overall usability of the site.

Throughout the website there is a recurring motif, a vertical ‘squiggly’ line. We achieved this with a vertical repeating background image. There is also heavy use of hand-drawn vector images which also feature prominently in the restaurants menus. As they were so detailed (with in some cases thousands of individual strokes) this is one of the few cases where we opted to convert the usually superior SVG format (which are vectors drawn with math) to PNG (which is a bitmap grid of pixels).

One of the primary functions of a website for a restaurant, is to display their menu. Chop ‘n Chill has a large menu, and we didn’t want to have an endlessly scrolling page of items which can be a bit overwhelming. Instead we broke it up into smaller sections and created a page for each one that is easier to read and share the link with friends.

The different menus are displayed in a tabbed interface with horizontal writing mode used to make the text go from top to bottom, and inverted colours for the currently active tab. Clicking from one menu to another is instant due to the Gatsby Link component which will prefetch internal links that are in the viewport and load the diff from the current page.

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