Website Development for Blue Cow Gelato

Blue Cow Gelato already had a well-established brand and their old website did a good job capturing that, so we decided not to deviate too much from that. Instead, we cleaned it up a little and expanded upon it.

We wanted to keep the hero section on the home page as a sliding carousel, but we also wanted a sticky navigation at the top (so that you can easily find the page you’re looking for). Having the background filled in of the header with a solid colour all the time would have ruined the effect, so we wrote some code to detect if the user has scrolled down the page and only then, slowly fade in a background colour. We also change the height of the logo and the background colour of the phone icon at the same time. Changing these three things in unison makes for a pleasing effect.

Accessibility is also a major consideration for all of our websites. Carousels that loop automatically (especially ones that are animated) can cause motion sickness for some people. Thankfully there is a setting these users can turn on to suggest we don’t show these animations in this case. We check for this on the website and respect that setting.

The old site was a single page with some information and a phone number, we expanded the site to 5 pages, added a menu, contact form, custom cake ordering form, and a custom Instagram widget.

Overall it feels like a natural progression of the site expanding and adding new features whilst staying true to the Blue Cow Gelato brand.


Check it out here:

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