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want to start up your business easier?

These packages are perfect if you’re just starting out and want a budget-friendly way to kickstart your brand with a killer logo. It’s a fantastic bang for your buck and will give you and your business a head start towards success right from the get-go.

package 1

What’s included

Our “Just a Logo Package” is the perfect choice for startups looking to make a strong first impression without breaking the bank. Here’s why it’s ideal for new businesses:

Professional Branding:

Get a standout logo with options to choose from and revisions included, ensuring a strong brand image for startups.


Tailor your logo to fit your vision with included revisions for a unique and memorable brand identity.

Pay once, own it forever

$720 + gst

Package 2

What’s included

Our “Logo Plus Package” is perfect for startups seeking a complete brand identity solution. It includes business cards, email signature, header, and footer designs, all with an exceptional logo. Here’s why it’s ideal for your business:

Complete Branding:

This package extends beyond logo creation, encompassing business cards, letterhead, and footer design for a unified and professional brand identity.


Our streamlined process ensures quick turnaround times, allowing you to launch your business and start making an impact sooner.

most popular package

Pay once, own it forever

$855* + gst

*Please note that printing costs are not included in this cost.

package 3

What’s included

Our “Everything I Need Package” has got you covered! When it comes to a complete brand identity solution, this package has it all. It’s the ideal choice for startups, and here’s why it’s perfect for your business:

All-Inclusive Branding:

This package covers every aspect of your brand’s visual identity, from logo design to business cards, letterhead, and more. It offers a one-stop solution to ensure your brand’s consistency and professionalism across all touchpoints.

Guidance for Consistency:

The 6-page brand guideline is your roadmap for brand identity, detailing logo, font, color, and element usage to ensure consistency in communications and marketing.

Pay once, own it forever

$1,575* + gst

*Please note that printing costs are not included in this cost.

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designed by us - no one else

Some design and development firms outsource their work to third parties. We don’t.

Everything is crafted in-house, from the planning stage all the way to creation and delivery. The only thing we don’t make ourselves is coffee. We work with you to ensure you gain maximum return on investment from your design, extending it from the digital realm into the real world, be it on flyers, cards, billboards, stickers, or something quirky and custom.

We realise every business is unique and deserves a unique approach. That’s why PD works with you to express the best your business has to offer.

“We have developed a great partnership over the past 5 years with PD and their dedication to our website, social marketing and all aspects of our business is continually of the highest professionalism. Most importantly they listen! I so much appreciate PD attention to detail and their creativity. Working with P, Colby, and the team of PD was (and continues to be) an outstanding experience. I look forward to more years to come!”


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